Electromagnetics of Body Area Networks. Antennas, Propagation, and RF Systems

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Fractal antenna - Wikipedia


Antenna elements (as opposed to antenna arrays) made from self-similar shapes were first created by Nathan Cohen then a professor at Boston University, starting in 1988. Cohen's efforts with a variety of fractal antenna designs were first published in 1995. Cohen's publication marked the inaugural scientific publication on fractal antennas.

Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas


Energy flux and radiation intensity from a radiating system, directivity, gain, and beamwidth of an antenna, effective area, gain-beamwidth product, antenna equivalent circuits, effective length and polarization and load mismatches, communicating antennas, Friis formula, antenna noise temperature, system noise temperature, limits on bit rates ...

Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic ...


In the radio frequency (RF range), by far the most applications which emit EMF are in the frequency range above 100 kHz up to some GHz. Multiple sources exist that contribute to an individual’s exposure. However, transmitters in close vicinity to or on the body have become the main sources of exposure for the general population and professionals.

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Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and


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ANSYS HFSS: High Frequency Electromagnetic


RADIO FREQUENCIES FOR SPACE COMMUNICATION. INTRODUCTION. To be useful satellites and spacecraft must communicate, sometimes to relay communications between two points, sometimes to transmit data they have collected.

UCSD Applied Electromagnetics Group - Dan …


He also served as the chair of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Administrative Committee on New Technology Directions from 2013-2014, and as the general chair of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium and URSI Radio Science Meeting which was held in San Diego in 2017. He serves as the vice chair of the ECE department starting in 2019.